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Lynda Spiro - There is Always More To Say

Another week, another blog post. Today, I thought I’d update you all on my progress, and give my thanks to Ben and Laura from Cameron Publicity personally. The campaign for ‘There is Always More to Say’ has officially come to an end (for now!). I really enjoyed working with them and know that this is just the start of our relationship together. With their help, I have set up a website, blog, and Twitter page – something I never thought I would or could do!

Over the next coming weeks and months, I’m working towards some very exciting projects. I’m waiting patiently before I say any more for the moment. Hopefully, there will be more news in the not too distant future.

So far, the response to ‘There is Always More to Say’ has been overwhelmingly positive. I have heard feedback from people – both friends and strangers – about how it is a ‘thought-provoking’ piece, inspiring many conversations around the dinner table. Thank you. It means so much to me that something that has been a part of my life for so long is now a part of yours, too. If just one person says how much they enjoyed it, I consider it a success.

Finally, I have pride in announcing that New Generation Publishing selected my book as an official case study for new authors at a meeting that was held last week. I consider this a huge honour. If I can help anyone publish their first book as I have done, then all the sleepless nights were worth it!

For now, I would just like to thank everyone again, and make sure you can find the link to purchase ‘There is Always More to Say’ if you haven’t done so already!

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Lynda Lynda lives in London. She is a mixed media artist and There Is Always More To Say is her first novel.

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