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Has anything interesting happened this week?

As the world embraces Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, it seems appropriate to invite my son, James Spiro, to share some of his thoughts. With a background in journalism, public relations, and marketing, he has often commented on issues regarding current affairs and popular culture. Enjoy!

Thanks, mum! Below is an excerpt from my most recent piece about the election. The full post can be found here.

“President Trump. It’s official. When the president met with the president-elect today in The White House, it confirmed our fear/hopes — Trump did it. In perhaps the biggest and greatest act of political revenge ever, Obama will be giving the keys of his home to the very man who questioned his presidential validity.

I lived in New York for three years, and learnt to understand — or tolerate — the social change in America. Right now, it’s pretty bad. The hyperbolic US press doesn’t exactly help this (more on that in another post), but in an incredible act of progressive defiance, the American people chose a ‘uniquely unqualified’ man over a woman. What the bloody ‘ell happened? Below are my ‘stray observations’:

1) Those who voted for Trump were under no delusion regarding what they were voting for. That speaks volumes about the American electorate.

2) Those who voted for Clinton as a protest against hate and violence are now conducting hateful and violent protests across the country.

3) Fewer women voted for Clinton in 2016 than for Obama in 2012. More Black and Hispanic people voted for Trump in 2016 than Romney in 2012.

4) Clinton didn’t lose because she was a woman. She lost because she wasn’t liked. Accusations of corruption and inauthenticity made it her election to lose, not win.

5) The world is not a ‘Safe Space’.

6) Do not trust polls or media. There were plenty of people who saw this result coming and were not surprised. Your right to vote is partnered with your duty to research.

7) Stoicism is very important: The media continuing its scare-mongering after an unsuccessful attempt to keep Trump out the White House is irresponsible and damaging to people who get their news from clickbait.

8) Unlike Brexit, the Trump Administration can end in four years. The repeal and replacement of the ACA is a sign that things can get reversed.

One day, the future will earn the power of hindsight and better understand how and why this happened. On occasions as large as this, I am often reminded of the words of my politics teacher at King Alfred School: “You cannot appreciate the Mona Lisa when standing an inch away. You must take a step back: view the whole picture, find the context, and see the masterpiece.”

There are many who will undoubtedly refuse to call this a masterpiece, but not justifiably. Not yet. For reasons unclear for some right now, Americans must stand behind their new president and wish him well. For everyone, he must do a good job.

This post is intended to be a rational and unbiased breakdown of some thoughts and facts. No one likes a rant, and this was not intended to be interpreted as such. One day, we will look back at this and smile: either because it happened, or because it ended. It’s the best way forward.


More of James’ work can be found on his Medium page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn profile.

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