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Lynda Spiro - There is Always More To Say

If you’re in the UK and reading this blog today welcome to the start of the long-awaited August Bank Holiday weekend! And if you’re not in the UK, no worries it’s still the start of a weekend!

For the last thirty years, the August Bank Holiday weekend has been somewhat tainted with sadness for me. Because it was on Friday August 29 1986 (the start of the BH weekend) that my wonderful father passed away at the ridiculously young age of fifty-two. I think of him every single day and I wanted to acknowledge him on my blog today. I’m sure that there are plenty of you who are reading this who have also lost someone who was very special to you. And I wouId like to share what I was told all those years ago. Words, in fact, that have never left me and which I have passed onto other people many times over the years.

‘Remember that even though your loved one has been taken from you – no one can ever take your wonderful memories away from you. They are yours to keep. And they will remain with you forever’.

And over the course of time, I have realised that this is absolutely true. Fortunately, I have managed to lose the bad memories. But the good ones, yes, are still with me. And they always will be. Thank goodness! And I seriously hope that this will be the same for you.

But now back to ‘There Is Always More To Say’.

It’s been an extremely exciting week and a very proud moment for me. I was absolutely thrilled to have been interviewed by Sienna Rodgers (@Siennamarla) from the Ham&High newspaper (@HamandHigh). I have been a regular reader of the Ham&High newspaper for longer than I care to remember! So to be featured in it has fulfilled a massive dream of mine! Thank you, Sienna.

Please do read the link below:

Another bit of exciting news is my forthcoming participation at the Triskele Lit Fest 2016 (@TriskeleBooks) which is taking place at LIFT in Islington on Saturday 17 September 2016. There will be an incredible range of books available at the pop-up shop and ‘There Is Always More To Say’ is one of them! I am looking forward to catching up with fellow authors on the day. Do come if you can. It would be great to meet you! 

The amazing family road trip that we all so enjoyed from Sydney to Noosa has sadly ended. My husband has gone back to London. Our cousin Monica has gone back to Cape Town. My sister-in-law lives here in Sydney, and so she is still here. And I have now taken up temporary residence in Manly, Sydney, for two weeks. A wonderful self-imposed writing retreat! Last year I came here to finish off ‘There Is Always More To Say’. And this year, well, I have returned to this very special place. To be able to sit on my balcony and hear the sea and feel the sun, and watch the surfers inspires me and feeds my creativity. I’m off for a walk along the beach now! Looking forward to catching up with you all soon.

Lynda x

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Lynda Lynda lives in London. She is a mixed media artist and There Is Always More To Say is her first novel.

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